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22 December 2008 @ 09:12 am

Why you ask? 

Well yesterday, for the second time in one week, I was banned from the Cafemom Pregnancy group.  Why you ask?  For no damn reason. I reported a post, that was against the rules of the community, and next thing you know, I WAS BANNED!  I contacted the admin of the group, and she flat out admitted she did not even read my post, just deleted me!  Which proved my original point.
Mainstream pregnancy groups, on places like LJ and Cafemom do not like those of us who are birth advocates or take the more natural approach to birth. They do not want to be educated about common birth procedures or anything in  between.
I am not the first person who has been banned from this group for not being like minded with everyone else!

So I write a Cafemom journal blog about it. What happens?  Cafemom deletes it!!   So then I make a post about how cafemom deleted my blog and they are a bunch of communists?  What happens?  THEY DELETE THAT!

I thought myspace was getting bad with the censorship and rules, but this takes the cake!
God forbid you pass on a little bit of education on a DOULA!  GASP such a dirty word!  Or a VBAC!!!!  OMG?!?!?  VBAC?!?!?  They are SOOOOOO dangerous!!!!

I give up.

19 December 2008 @ 02:21 pm
May poor little Caylee Anthony finally rest in peace
18 December 2008 @ 08:54 am

It has been so long since I have even opened Live Journal, so I thought I would go ahead and post an entry and kind of update everyone on our crazy life. Christmas is next week and I think I am more excited than Camden and Will put together, but what else is new?  LOL
We went to the mall and had Camden's picture taken with Santa and he freaked out, didn't like Santa I guess. So we all had to get in the picture with him so it could get taken. LOL
We had Camden's first birthday party on Sunday, we had a blast and he LOVED the cake. Like every child when they have their first party. God knows he could have ate the WHOLE thing if we gave him the chance.
I am 17 weeks pregnant now, time flies. This pregnancy has been so much easier than it was with Camden, I am almost half way finished and it seems like it was yesterday that I found out I was pregnant.
We go for our big ultrasound on Tuesday. Hopefully we can get a crotch shot and see what this little one is. We picked out a girl and a boy name. Girl will be Liberty Ann and a boy will be Benjamin Emil.
Anyways, that is really about it for us.

Now some ICAN of CT news. The ACNM in CT invited me to their January meeting to share what ICAN of CT is doing and working on for the next year. Which I am really excited about. To finally have a large group like the ACNM take the time to even realize we are here is big!
We also already have 5 events scheduled for 2009. 2 in January, 2 in February, and 1 in March.
I am still trying to figure out what to do for April & Cesarean Awareness Month.


29 October 2008 @ 08:55 pm

Seriously, please someone answer it for me?
I have seen so many posts flat out putting natural birth, promoting repeat c-sections for no medical reasons, blindly following OB/GYN's suggestions for elective c-sections because of "big babies" and stuff like that, and whenever someone points out a fact, or a risk of any of these procedures, they gang up and swoop in like vultures going in for the kill. So defensive that people are actually taking facts and statistics and bringing them to the table.

I just don't get the whole scared factor of a natural labor. How many women have done in for thousands of years? Magically epidurals are invented and no one has a natural birth because it just hurts that much?

Birth is so dramatized on TV and in society that first time mothers are petrified of actually birthing without interventions or in a birth center, or even at home.  They think women who don't have epidurals or run off to an OB/GYN are strange.

I just don't grasp this fact. Birth is a natural process that our bodies are made to do. When you start throwing in epidurals, and inductions that is where the problems arise.

There is no reason for a 33% c-section rate in this country. No reason at all. It is these medical interventions that are causing problems, causing c-sections, and KILLING our women.

The United States loses MORE women during and around the time of child birth that the majority of industrialized nations in the world. That speaks in volumes.

But women will continue to go around being ignorant to the facts, and what really is best for mother and baby, and feed into the myth that child birth is torture, and that OB/GYN's are god.

Just a side note, the whole child birth is painful and horrible did not even come about until the 1900's when hospitals started to take over births. When early feminists believes that the pain of child birth was the punishment on women for the sins of Eve. And that is when they started knocking women out cold to give birth.


And those aren't even bad pictures!
29 October 2008 @ 11:08 am

In the month of September, I had a meeting with Congressman Christopher Shays of Connecticut. We discussed the high number of c-sections taking place in our state, as well as nationally, and what the Government as well as groups like ICAN can do to help and change that to make birth safer for mothers and babies. Well during that meeting I was promised some statistics on cesarean births paid for by medicaid as opposed to private insurance companies, and I received that information today.
The numbers are astonishing, to make sure you sit down!

In The United States as a whole, 40% of all c-sections that take place is being paid for by the government through medicaid. Yes, 40%!
How many are actually being paid for by private insurance companies?  54%.

That is a HUGE number of c-sections that the government is footing the bill for.
In a country where only 10-15% of c-sections are truly MEDICALLY NECESSARY the tax payers are footing the bill for 25-30% of elective or non medically necessary c-sections!

If that doesn't make you say hmmmmmm or piss you off, I don't know what will!
26 October 2008 @ 04:32 pm

No, it is not cool or some type of accomplishment if you are famous and hated on the internet.
It just shows what kind of a loser with no life you are. LOL

Sorry for all my bitchy posts today. I got a wicked bad cold.

26 October 2008 @ 11:57 am

If one more person tells me who I should vote for, or what I should vote for regarding Prop 8 or a constitutional convention, I am going to scream.

For all you holy rollers out there who keep spamming me on here and facebook to vote yes for prop 8, I live in CT, I am not voting in CA and even if I was voting in CA I would be voting NO for prop 8. Prop 8 is nothing more than segregation in the year 2008. It is disgusting that people have to fight like this for the right to get married to the person they love.

As for a Constitutional Convention in CT which is what I get the chance to vote for, I am voting NO!   I think Gay Marriage should be allowed, I think abortion rights do not need to be touched and special interest groups have no right running major topics like this. Just because a group of bigots wants everyone to live the way that they do, does not mean all people should have to live like them. I am sure they would be pissed off if they were forced to live like the people they despise so much! 

As for President. I am voting for Barack Obama. Why?  Because I am voting for change.
John McCain and George Bush are one in the same. He is no maverick, he is an old man a heartbeat away from a casket. In that case it would leave no experience, skeletons in the closet, criminal activity Sarah Palin to run this country. In that case, we would all be FUCKED.

So don't tell me what to do. Worry about yourself and who you are going to vote for.
Or is the McCain campaign just that desperate these days?

10 October 2008 @ 10:50 am
When can you pick up the baby's heartbeat on the outside with a OB/GYN grade doppler?
My sister bought a belly beats one and gave it to me because she isn't having anymore children, I am a little over 7 weeks... I was thinking around 10 weeks?
Anyone know?
08 October 2008 @ 05:32 pm
We got a heartbeat!!!!!! I went to my midwife for my first pre natal appointment today after interviewing several before choosing the practice I wanted to go with.
My due date was changed from the 27th to the 30th, so that we have an extra couple days in there for me to be a little over due because of my VBAC.

We got a dating ultrasound right in the office (which I have to go over to my moms and scan) and everything looks fantastic. I have already gained 4 lbs but I am not surprised. I have had a decent appetite, if I don't eat thats when I start to feel sick.

I am already off to a much different start from my "high risk" last pregnancy. @@
I am so grateful I found wonderful providers who listen to me, my wishes, wants, and needs as a patient instead of just being another number like I was last time around. It feels like the biggest burden has been lifted off of my shoulders.